Friday, February 12, 2010


This picture shows me posing for a photo for the ADMT Homework and if the picture is split into 9 equal parts my focus which is the hard will be somewhere in the middle

This picture shows me and my friend Zhi Chao because the focus is on me thats why more of my face is in the centre.

This picture shows my friend, Guang Jun using his macbook pro to surf the net. If the picture is separated into 9 equal parts he would be in the right part of the center area.

Miscellaneous: When is the best time for photography?
Although I cannot give a specific timing my answer is the best time for photography is when the camera is facing away from the sun meaning that the sun is behind the camera


  1. infringe copyright, w got my face onit wothout informing me!

  2. The photography rules are well used but you broke the law when you took Zhi Chao's photo illegally.

  3. photography skills are applied here. by the way, i think you should inform people first before taking their photos.

  4. The techniques were well used in all the photos. And you may get sued, just joking!

  5. the golden rules were followed very carefully and so the photos are very good

  6. Well, it well taken! The golden rule is followed here.